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Like It Was Never There

Our end goal for every structural wall removal is for it to look like it was never there. We pride ourselves on being able to seamlessly blend the remaining elements to look as though there was never a wall there to begin with.

Online Estimates

Submit your house plans and photos for an online estimate.

Structural Engineering

Structural engineering is included and assessed at your initial inspection.

Council Approval

We'll take care of Council approval for you and will ensure all compliance requirements are adhered to.

Employees, not Subcontractors

Our team are full time employees with the single goal of ensuring your work is carried out to the best possible standard.

One Team from Start to Finish

We're multi-skilled meaning the team that installs your roof beam is the same team that removes your wall and carries out all remedial repairs.

All Services Performed by Qualified Carpenters

Rest assured that all work is being performed by qualified carpenters with a wealth of experience and knowledge.


Dust Control

Dust produced from wall cutting and grinding poses a significant health and safety risk that we take extremely seriously. As such, we've invested a substantial amount of time, money and effort into ensuring we're armed with the latest equipment and systems in controlling dust produced from these activities.


How do I know if my wall is structurally load bearing?

In most cases, you won't know unless you have a set of detailed house plans or have the experience and skill set to climb into your roof space for a visual inspection (we don't recommend this). Depending on the location of the wall, you might get lucky in popping your head into the man-hole and identifying it from here. Two storey homes are more difficult and definitely require house plans that show the structural make-up of the second level floor. 

Is structural engineering required?

Yes. If the subject wall is identified as being structurally load bearing, a licensed and practising structural engineer is required to design and certify the required scope of works. This is non-negotiable.

Is Council approval required?

If the wall is deemed structurally load bearing then yes, Council approval is required via submission of a building permit and this applies to all Perth Councils. There are plenty of service providers that won't mention the need for this or may advise it isn't required. It is required and but if you're confused with conflicting advice, we always recommend you contact your local Council to confirm it for yourself.